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Recipes for Brie Cheese Appetizers

Explore more Brie cheese appetizer recipes listed below the featured recipes:

Plum and Walnut Baked BrieRecipe: Plum and Walnut Baked Brie

Warm, soft Brie adorned with thinly sliced red plums glazed with preserves and garnished with chopped toasted walnuts is sure to please.

Honey and Roasted Garlic-Baked Brie with BaguetteRecipe: Honey and Roasted Garlic-Baked Brie with Baguette

An elegant party appetizer or first course. Recipe by Chefs Frank Randazzo and Andrea Curto-Randazzo.

Fresh Chopped Herb BrieRecipe: Fresh Chopped Herb Brie

A delicious appetizer that couldn't be easier! Use a mixture of your favorite fresh herbs.

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