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Healthier Recipes Collection

Asian Dessert Recipes

A collection of recipes for Asian desserts.

Chai Tea ChewiesChai Tea Chewies

Tea-based cookies flavored with cardamon.

Japanese Strawberry ShortcakeJapanese Strawberry Shortcake

This winning recipe for a Japanese version of an American classic is so worth the effort! Give it a try and you’ll see why!

No recipe image available.Chinese Almond Cookies

These cookies are an excellent version of the almond cookies served in Chinese restaurants as a complimentary after-dinner treat.

  • Chai Tea Chewies
  • Chinese Almond Cookies
  • Deep Fried Sweet Wontons (Jar Wonton)
  • Fortune Cookies
  • Japanese Peanut Cookies
  • Japanese Strawberry Shortcake
  • Kheer Indian Rice Pudding
  • Sev, Aroo, Aur Kubani Ki Chutney
  • Simple Sesame Cookies
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