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Diabetic Recipes for Cookies, Bars & Brownies

Explore more recipes for diabetic-friendly cookies, cookie bars, dessert squares and brownies listed below the featured recipes:

Lemon Raspberry BarsRecipe: Lemon Raspberry Bars

The flavors of fresh lemon and raspberry guarantee that these cookie bars will provide sweet pleasure with every bite!

Sensibly Peanut Butter 'Crunch' CookiesRecipe: Sensibly Peanut Butter "Crunch" Cookies

You'll love the scrumptious taste of these reduced-calorie, chunky peanut butter cookies mixed with Nestlé Crunch candy.

After School Butterscotch BrowniesRecipe: After School Butterscotch Brownies

After school or anytime is a great time to enjoy these great tasting, reduced-sugar butterscotch brownies.

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