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Can I use heavy whipping cream or half-and-half for heavy cream?

I found a recipe for caramels that calls for heavy cream but all I can find in the grocery store is heavy whipping cream or half & half. Some recipes call for sweetened condensed milk which I tried and liked but wanted to try cream. Which should I use? The heavy whipping cream or the half and half? Thanks so much.


Definitely go with the heavy whipping cream...which is actually heavy cream, but with a more "descriptive" name! However, if it just said "whipping cream" on the label without the word "heavy', then the fat content would be slightly lower than the "heavy cream" version. Half-and-half is even lower in fat content, which is basically half milk and half whipping cream, thus half-and-half should not be used as a substitute for heavy cream.

Another substitute you could use in a pinch in place of heavy cream would be undiluted evaporated milk.

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