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My mother use to make a date log roll, do you have a recipe?

My mother used to make for the holidays a date and raisin log roll. I have tried to find the recipe but no luck. She took pitted dates and raisins, I believe, ground them up in the old table clamp grinder along with walnuts (I think she used black walnuts), then rolled them into a log roll. Then rolled them in powdered sugar and froze them. She would then slice them into wedges and serve. Do you have this recipe. My sister thought she also added brandy, but knowing my mother, I doubt that. I remember I liked them and would like to make them.


If only we knew the foods we would miss from our childhood and had simply thought to ask for the recipe! Unfortunately, some recipes are never found again because many cooks from the past (especially the good ones) didn't use recipes, they simply cooked by the "a little of this and a little of that" method.

To answer your question, there was a date nut roll that was popular some time ago, but the one I am aware of also contains crushed vanilla wafers and sweetened condensed milk as the binder. I see no reason why you could not tweak the recipe a bit by adding raisins to the mix and black walnuts instead of the pecans or walnuts.

Here's is one such recipe at Date-Nut Logs.

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