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What is "ceviche" and "carpaccio"?


Ceviche (also spelled seviche and cebiche) is an appetizer popular in Latin America which consists of raw fish marinated in citrus (usually lime) juice. The acid in the lime juice "cooks" the fish. Onions, tomatoes and green peppers are often added to the marinade. Only very fresh fish should be used for this dish.

Carpaccio is an Italian dish, mainly served as an appetizer, made of very thin slices of raw beef. It is usually flavored with olive oil, Parmesan cheese and capers or pine seeds. Nowadays also other types of meat and fish (particularly salmon) are being used. According to legend, the name carpaccio is derived from the Italian Renaissance painter, Vittore Carpaccio). In 1950 chef Giuseppe Cipriani of Venice served thinly sliced raw beef to a customer who could not eat cooked beef. He named the dish in honor of the painter, whose works were exhibited in Venice in that year.

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