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Why does my carrot cake sink in the center?

Every time I make a carrot cake, it rises just fine and then about the last 5 minutes in the oven, it falls in the center. Do you know what causes this and what to do to prevent it?


Under baking is often the reason for a cake sinking in the center, but in your case, the cake is still baking when it sinks. The following are other reasons that can lead to a cake with a sunken center:

  • Batter was over mixed.
  • Cake contains too much fat and/or sugar and/or leavening.
  • Cake did not contain enough liquid
  • Oven door was opened causing a sudden reduction of heat.
  • The oven temperature was too low.

I would recommend that if you have been using the same carrot cake recipe that has resulted in a sunken center every time, then it might be time to find another recipe. Here is just one of the many trusted versions of carrot cake recipes found at the website: Grandma Barton's Carrot Cake.

Lastly, oven temperatures can vary, so to rely only on what the oven dial says the temperature is could become a problem sooner or later. To be sure of your oven's temperature accuracy, keep an oven thermometer in the oven at all times and make adjustments for the temperature accordingly.

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