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How do I serve Foie Gras de Canard Entier?

I have been given a tin of Foie Gras de Canard Entier and I would like to serve it as a starter for my guests at lunch tomorrow. Please tell me what to do with it? Can it be used just as it is as a pate, or do I have to fry it in a skillet first?


Tinned foie gras (fat liver) is partially or totally cooked and is similar in texture to pate. To serve foie gras de canard (duck), chill for 24 hours, remove both ends of the tin then push out from the bottom. Slice with a warm knife. It is often served with a fruit compote, warm baguette slices or toast points and, if desired, sweet white wine such as a Sauternes.

You can also very quickly pan sear the foie gras over high heat and serve slightly rare -- otherwise the fatty liver is apt to become very expensive melted fat in the frying pan. Some prefer their foie gras seared on just one side for this reason.

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