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Can I freeze chicken and turkey salad?


Yes, especially if the mayonnaise was commercially processed meaning that it was pasteurized which will add to its storage life. The salad will most likely be a bit watery after thawing, simply drain off the excess liquid and stir in a bit more mayonnaise, if needed. The product should be eaten within 2 months for best results, however it will remain safe to eat indefinitely if kept frozen, it is the quality and nutrition that is lost over time.

If you are going to freeze something as perishable as chicken or turkey salad, keep food safety in mind. If it is homemade, freeze it on the day it is made, if commercial, on the day it was opened (and as long as it is used by the recommended date) and last, but not least, only if it has been keep well-chilled or under refrigeration. If it has been left standing at room temperature or even transported without refrigeration, for even a small length of time, don't bother as the risk of bacteria contamination is too great to risk.

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