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What is the best way to store fresh ginger?

What is the best way to store ginger? I use it in stir-fries and other oriental dishes. I have been keeping it in an empty butter tub. But it does not seem to last more than a few days before I start to see a mold developing. Also, I see both Chinese and American ginger in the market. Is there a preferred source? - Thank you.


One of my favorite tips for storing fresh ginger (or gingerroot) for longer periods of time is in the freezer. Cut the gingerroot into 1-inch pieces (the average measurement called for in recipes) and store them in a zipper-style bag in the freezer. Then when a recipe calls for fresh ginger, simply take out the amount you need and microwave it on a paper towel for several seconds on HIGH, let set for a few minutes, then easily squeeze the ginger juice into the dish you are preparing. This method eliminates the need for peeling and grating which is a real plus. For best flavor results use within 6 months.

Regarding a preferred source, most gingerroot comes from Jamaica, followed by India, Africa and China. Any difference would most likely be minimal.

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