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What about make-ahead batter and dough mixtures?

Hello, I make a lot of baked goods for my cafe and would like to make the mixes for a week and refrigerate them and then bake them up (muffins, cupcakes, bars, scones etc.). I have heard it works great with muffins but what about the rest? The cupcakes are made from boxed cake mix and sometime from scratch. Does scratch versus boxed matter?


Make-ahead muffin batter, as well as bar and cookie dough, do well refrigerated in a covered container for up to 1 week. For muffins and cookies simply scoop out the desired amount and bake as usual. Bar dough should be stored in the pan they are baked in.

For cakes and cupcakes it would be better to bake them immediately as the batter does not store well, regardless whether the batter is made from scratch or a boxed mix. A helpful make-ahead idea would be to tightly wrap and freeze the completely cooled, unfrosted baked cakes/cupcakes. They can be stored frozen for up to six weeks. Thaw unwrapped at room temperature and then frost, if desired.

For best results with quick breads such as scones (or biscuits) make the dough, shape and freeze unbaked on baking sheets. Once frozen, store in zipper-style freezer bags for up to six weeks. When ready, take out what you need and bake frozen at the same temperature as non-frozen scones/biscuits until lightly golden, keeping in mind they will take a little longer to bake in their frozen state.

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