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What are the best cuts of meat for pot roast?

Hi Hope, for a very tender pot roast, what are the best cuts of meat? Also, I have a choice between using a pressure cooker, a regular pot with lid, or a slow-cooker. Which will give me the most tender results for a pot roast?


Cooking (braising) any pot roast long enough will result in fork-tender meat. Many beef chuck and round cuts can be used interchangeably in pot roast recipes, requiring only slight adjustments in cooking times. For example, a chuck blade pot roast can be substituted for arm or shoulder pot roast, and vice versa. Similarly, a boneless rump roast or bottom round roast may be used in place of a chuck pot roast. One thing to keep in mind is that pot roasts from the chuck have more fat, and therefore more flavor, than those from the round.

Of the three methods you mentioned for cooking, I recommend using a heavy cooking pot with lid, such as a Dutch oven, for the best results, however a slow-cooker does nicely, especially for having dinner ready when one gets home from work or an outing.

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