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What's the difference between pancakes and griddlecakes?

What is the difference between pancakes and griddlecakes? Between waffles and Belgian waffles? Thank you.


First question: There is no difference between pancakes and griddlecakes, except for the name...they are basically the same food. Griddlecakes in both the United States and Canada is another (regional) name for pancakes as are the names for hotcakes and flapjacks. In England and Scotland "pan-cakes" are called drop scones.

Second question: The basic difference between a waffle and a Belgian waffle is the size. Belgian waffles are made on a special waffle iron with larger and deeper grids than the average waffle iron and are often served topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, whereas the waffle is traditionally served with butter and maple syrup.

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