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My cookies go flat when I bake them.

My cookies go flat when I bake them. I use real butter at room temperature and all the correct ingredients. Could high humidity be a problem? I also have a different oven and am not sure the temperature settings are completely accurate, although I have not had trouble with burning things.


Cookies can end up being flat because of the following reasons:

  • The baking temperature may be too low. (An oven thermometer really is an absolute necessity in every kitchen)
  • Too much sugar, fat, or leavening will cause cookies to spread.
  • Greasing the cookie sheet when it isn't necessary can cause cookies to spread too much, this is especially true with nonstick cookie sheets.
  • The cookie sheet is too warm (always allow them to cool before baking more cookies).

If these suggestions don't help to correct the problem, you can try adding a little more flour (begin with an additional 1 tablespoon per cup) to the recipe or chill the dough before forming and baking cookies.

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