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Should baking time be adjusted when using a bain-marie?

I recently tried a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake recipe, while the flavor was amazing the cheesecake did not cook evenly. I was going to try baking it in a bain-marie and would like to know if I need to adjust the baking time...the baking time according to the recipe is 1 hour and 5 minutes. Thank you.


There should be no need for adjusting the suggested baking time using the method of a bain-marie (water bath) when baking a cheesecake. Timing in most recipes should be thought of more as a suggestion than absolute fact. Testing for doneness is the rule-of-thumb when baking anything..cakes, cookies, pies, breads and even cheesecakes.

A perfectly baked cheesecake will be puffed around the edges, yet the center should be slightly moist and jiggly. Unless otherwise directed by your recipe, turn the oven off and allow cheesecake to remain in oven, with the door ajar, for 30 minutes or until center is completely set. Remove from the oven and cool completely on a wire rack away from drafts before refrigerating.

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