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Cream cheese versus creamed cottage cheese.

Hi, I was wondering what the difference is between cream cheese and creamed cottage cheese? Can you use the creamed cottage cheese for a cheesecake instead of cream cheese. Thanks.


The main difference between cream cheese and creamed cottage cheese is the texture. Cream cheese is smooth and creamed cottage cheese has curds. Creamed cottage cheese is simply cottage cheese that has had 4 to 8 percent cream added to it, whereas lowfat cottage cheese has 1 to 2 percent fat, and nonfat cottage cheese has zero fat.

There are cheesecake recipes that use cottage cheese such as German Cheesecake, or ricotta cheese (which is slightly grainy but smoother textured than cottage cheese) such as Ricotta Cheesecake with Fresh Fruit. However, for best results when making a cheesecake, I would not recommend using cottage cheese or ricotta cheese as a substitute for the cream cheese in a recipe.

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