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Do lobsters get salty from whence they came? A tale of the salty lobster and the waitress.

My wife and I recently ate at (a well-known seafood restaurant). The grilled lobster was very salty. Do lobsters get salty from whence they came? That was the excuse we got from the waitress when I suggested she tell the chef (cook) not to salt the lobster as it was being grilled. I almost laughed in her face. Who is right? Sincerely, Clark Ogle.


That is either the worst or funniest explanation I've ever heard for being served food that was over-salted in a restaurant. Even though lobster live in salt water, their flesh certainly does not absorb the salt as the waitress apparently was suggesting. If your lobster was too salty, it was because of a heavy-handed line cook.

Vindication is yours Clark, you were right, not the waitress with the "lobster tale"!

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