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Bread Flour - is an unbleached, specially formulated, high-gluten blend of 99.8 percent hard-wheat flour, a small amount of malted barley flour (to improve yeast activity) and vitamin C or potassium bromate (to increase the gluten's elasticity and the dough's gas retention). It is ideally suited for yeast breads.

Brine - a solution of salt and water used in pickling. Brine draws natural sugars and moisture from foods and forms lactic acids which protects them against spoilage. Usually the strongest brine used in food processing is a 10% solution, made by dissolving 1.5 cups of salt in 1 gallon of liquid, or 6 tablespoons of salt for each quart of liquid.

Brioche - a yeast-raised cake baked to a rich brown usually circular in shape, with a smaller round on top. It is different from other raised doughs in that eggs are added, giving it a characteristic golden tinge, also it is raised in the refrigerator overnight.

Broccoflower - a light green cauliflower that is a cross between broccoli and cauliflower, with a milder flavor than either vegetable.

Broccoli - Italian for cabbage sprout and used to describe a member of the cabbage family with a tight cluster (called a curd) of emerald green florets on top of a stout, paler green edible stalk with dark green leaves.

Broil - to cook the food by placing it a measured distance below direct, dry heat. Most ovens have a broiler section that is used to cook meats, fish and poultry or melt or brown foods.

Broth - a thin soup, or a liquid in which meat, fish, of vegetables have been cooked.

Brown - to produce a brown surface on a food by use of relatively high heat for a brief period of time, giving the food an appetizing color and a richer flavor, keeping the interior moist by sealing in the natural juices.

Brown Sugar - soft, refined sugar with a coating of molasses; can be dark or light, coarse or fine.

Brownie - a cake-like, chewy bar cookie, usually made with chocolate and garnished with nuts.

Bruise - to partially crush an ingredient, such as herbs, to release flavor for seasoning food.

Brunoise - finely diced or shredded vegetables, usually cooked in butter or stock, and used to flavor soups and sauces.

Burrito - a flour tortilla made with a filling.

Butter - a fatty substance produced by agitating or churning cream; contains at least 80% milkfat, not more than 16% water and 2 to 4% milk solids; melts into a liquid at approx. 98*F (38*C) and reaches the smoke point at 260*F (127*C).

Butterfly - to cut food almost in half so that when flattened the two halves resemble butterfly wings.

Buttermilk - 1. Fresh, pasteurized skim or lowfat cow's milk cultured (soured) with Streptococcus lactis bacteria; also known as cultured buttermilk. 2. Traditionally, the liquid remaining after the cream was churned into butter.

Butternut Squash - a large, elongated pear-shaped squash (Caryoka nuciferum) with a smooth yellow to butterscotch-colored shell, an orange flesh and a sweet, nutty flavor.

Butterscotch - 1. A flavor derived from brown sugar and butter, used for cookies, candies, sauces and the like. 2. A hard candy with the flavor of butterscotch.

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