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Caramel - 1. A substance produced by cooking sugar until it becomes a thick, dark liquid; its color ranges from golden to dark brown; used for coloring and flavoring desserts, candies; sweet and savory sauces and other foods. 2. A firm, chewy candy made with sugar, butter, corn syrup and milk or cream.

Caramelize - to cook white sugar in a skillet over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the sugar forms a golden-brown syrup.

Carbohydrates - the food group containing sugars, starches, and cellulose.

Carbonnades - a French beef stew cooked with beer.

Carrageen / Carraghen Moss - an edible seaweed; Irish moss.

Carrot - a member of the parsley family (Daucus carota); has lacy green foliage, an edible orange taproot with a milk sweet flavor and crisp texture, a tapering shape and comes in a variety of sizes.

Casserole - an ovenproof baking dish, usually with a cover; also the food cooked inside it.

Cauliflower - a member of the cabbage family (Brassica oleracea); has a head (called a curd) of tightly packed white florets (a purple variety is also available) partially covered with large waxy, pale green leaves on a white-green stalk; some varieties have a purple or greenish tinge.

Cayenne; Cayenne Pepper - 1. A hot pungent peppery powder blended from various ground dried hot chiles and salt, has a bright orange-red color and fine texture; also known as red pepper. 2. A dried thin, short chile with a bright red color, thin flesh and hot, tart acidic flavor; usually used ground.

Charlotte - a molded dessert containing gelatin, usually formed in a glass dish or a pan that is lined with ladyfingers or pieces of cake.

Castor / Castor Sugar - English term for superfine granulated sugar.

Caviar - the salted roe of sturgeon. Red caviar is the salted roe of salmon, and considered a less desirable substitute.

Celery - developed in 16th-century Italy, this vegetable (Apium graveolens) grows in bunches of long stringy curved stalks or ribs surrounding a tender heart; can be eaten raw, cooked or used as a flavoring. There are two principal celery varieties; Pascal (which is pale green) and golden (which is creamy white).

Celery Salt - a seasoning blend of ground celery seeds and salt.

Celery Seeds - the seeds of the herb lovage; they are small and brown and are used in pickling and as a flavoring.

Cèpe - a delicious mushroom.

Chambrer - a French term used to describe the gradual raising of the temperature of wines from the cool wine cellar to room temperature. Slightly warmer, the wine flavor is more pungent.

Chantilly - heavy cream whipped then sweetened and flavored with vanilla. Also, a sauce with whipped cream added

Charlottes - mold of biscuits, sponge cake, ladyfinger, etc., or sliced bread, filled with a custard cream and fruit.

Chasseur - game or poultry served ‘hunter style’, with a rich red wine sauce, or a white wine sauce, including mushrooms and shallots.

Château Bottled - wine bottled at the château where it was grown and made. Usually this means a superior wine, one with a distinct flavor of its own. Other wines are the result of grapes grown in a region and brought together at the vintner’s for handling. The results are less distinguished, though these regional wines may be very good.

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