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Cocoa Powder, Dutch process - coca powder that has been treated with an alkali to neutralize its natural acidity; darker and milder than a nonalkalized powder.

Cobbler - a deep-dish fruit pie with a top crust of biscuit dough. Also, a tall drink made of rum, whiskey or claret and garnished with citrus slices or mint or fennel.

Cockle - a small mollusk related to the oyster, usually eaten boiled with condiments or in a sauce.

Cocktail - an appetizer; either a beverage or a light, highly seasoned food served before meal.

Coconut, dried - the shredded or flaked flesh of the coconut; often sweetened; also known as copra.

Coconut Milk (and Coconut Cream) - Are sometimes called for in recipes, particularly in curried dishes. Coconut milk is made by combining equal parts water and shredded fresh or desiccated coconut meat and simmering until foamy. The mixture is then strained through cheesecloth, squeezing as much of the liquid as possible from the coconut meat. The coconut meat can be combined with water again for a second, diluted batch of coconut milk. Coconut cream is made in the same manner, but enriches the mix by using 1 part water to 4 parts coconut. Milk can be substituted for water for an even richer result. Discard the coconut meat after making these mixtures. Coconut milk and cream also come canned and may sometimes be found frozen in Asian markets and some supermarkets. Do not confuse sweetened "cream of coconut", used mainly for desserts and mixed drinks, with unsweetened coconut milk or cream.

Cod - a large family of saltwater fish, including Atlantic cod, Pacific cod, pollock, haddock, whiting and hake; generally, they have a milk, delicate flavor, lean, white flesh and a firm texture and are available fresh, sun-dried, salted or smoked.

Coddle - to gently poach in barely simmering liquid.

Coleslaw - a salad of Dutch origin made from shredded cabbage and sometimes onions, sweet peppers, pickles and/or bacon bound with a mayonnaise, vinaigrette or other dressing and sometimes flavored with herbs.

Collard Greens - a leafy, dark green vegetable with paddle-like leaves that grow on tall tough stalks; the leaves have a flavor reminiscent of cabbage and kale.

Combine - to mix two or more ingredients together.

Compote - mixed fruit, raw or cooked, usually served in “compote” dishes.

Condiments - seasonings that enhance the flavor of foods with which they are served.

Confectioners' Sugar - refined sugar ground into a fine, white, easily dissolved powder; also known as powdered sugar and 10X sugar.

Consommé - clear broth that is made from meat.

Convection Cooking - convection ovens use a small fan in the rear of the oven to circulate air all around the food to cook it quickly and more evenly. Cooking times are generally reduced by 25%. Most manufacturers suggest that you reduce the cooking temperature given in the recipe by 25 degrees and bake it for the time specified.

Convection oven - an electric oven in which heat is circulated rapidly around the cooking foods by means of a fan, resulting in fast crisping and browning.

Converted rice - rice that is pressure-steamed and dried before milling to remove surface starch and help retain nutrients; has a pale beige color and the same flavor as white rice; also known as parboiled rice.

Cookie sheet - a flat, firm sheet of metal, usually aluminum, with open sides on which cookies, biscuits and other items are baked.

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