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Cookies - small, sweet, flat pastries, usually classified by preparation or makeup techniques as drop, icebox, bar, cutout, pressed and wafer.

Cool - to allow a food to sit until it is no longer warm to the touch.

Cooling rack - a flat grid of closely spaced metal wires resting on small feet; used for cooling baked goods by allowing air to circulate around the food.

Coq au vin - a French dish of chicken, mushrooms, onions, and bacon or salt pork cooked in red wine.

Coral - the roe of female lobsters. It turns bright red when cooked and is used in sauces.

Cordon bleu - a dish consisting of thin boneless chicken breasts or veal scallops separated by a thin slice of prosciutto or other ham and Emmenthal-style cheese, breaded and sautéed.

Core - to remove the central seeded area from a fruit.

Corked / Corky - description of wine whose flavor has been tainted by the odor of the cork. Corked also means a wine bottle with the cork in.

Coriander - yhe tiny yellow-tan ridged seeds of the cilantro plant (Coriandrum sativum); used as a spice, they have a flavor reminiscent of lemon, sage and caraway, are available whole or ground and are used in Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian cuisines and pickling spice blends. See cilantro.

Corn - a tall, annual plant native to the western hemisphere producing white, yellow, blue or multicolored grains arranged on a cob; consumed as a vegetable when young and available fresh, canned or frozen, or dried and ground into cornmeal; also known as maize.

Corn Flour - finely ground cornmeal; has a white or yellow color and is used as a breading or in combination with other flours.

Corn Oil - a pale yellow oil obtained from corn endosperms; odorless, almost flavorless, high in polyunsaturated fats with a high smoke point; a good medium for frying, also used in baking, dressings and to make margarine.

Corn Syrup - a thick, sweet syrup derived from cornstarch, composed of dextrose and glucose; available as clear (light) or brown (dark), which has caramel flavor and color added.

Corned - meat that has been cured in a brine solution.

Corned Beef - beef, usually a cut from the brisket or round, cured in a seasoned brine; has a grayish-pink to rosy red color and a salty flavor; also known as salt beef.

Cornmeal - dried, ground corn kernels (typically of a variety known as dent); has a white, yellow or blue color, gritty texture, slightly sweet, starchy flavor and available in three grinds (fine, medium and coarse); used in baking, as a coating for fried foods or cooked as polenta.

Cornstarch - a dense, very fine powdery flour made from ground corn endosperm and used as a thickening agent.

Court Bouillon - a seasoned broth made with water and meat, fish or vegetables, and seasonings.

Couscous -small, spherical bits of semolina dough that are rolled, dampened and coated with a finer wheat flour; a staple of the North African diet.

Cradle - a wicker basket used to decant wine.

Crayfish - a freshwater crustacean similar to lobster but smaller. The salt water variety is know as spiny lobster.

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