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Cube Steak - meat tenderized by scoring the surface with a pattern of squares or cubes.

Cucumber - the edible fleshy fruit of several varieties of a creeping plant (Cucumis sativus); most have a dark green skin and creamy white to pale green flesh; generally divided into two categories: pickling and slicing.

Cuitlacoche - (also spelled huitlacoche) is a fungus which grows naturally on ears of corn (Ustilago maydis). The fungus is harvested and treated as a delicacy. The earthy and somewhat smoky fungus is used to flavor quesadillas, tamales, soups and other specialty dishes.

Cumin - a spice that is the dried fruit (seed) of a plant in the parsley family (Cuminum cyminum), native to the Middle East and North Africa; the small crescent-shaped seeds have a powerful, earthy, nutty flavor and aroma and are available whole or ground in three colors (amber, white and black); used in Indian, Middle Eastern and Mexican cuisines.

Cup - a unit of measure in the U.S. system equal to 8 fluid ounces.

Cupcake - a small individual-sized cake baked in a mold such as a muffin pan, usually frosted and decorated.

Curacao - an orange-flavored liqueur.

Curd - a solid milk product that develops as milk sours and separates into solids (curd) and liquid (whey). In cheese-making, it is induced by the addition of acid or tennet.

Curing - to preserve meat, fish, or cheese with salt or by drying and or smoking.

Curry Powder - an American or European blend of spices associated with Indian cuisines, the flavor and color vary depending on the exact blend; typical ingredients include black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, ginger, mace and turmeric, with cardamom, tamarind, fennel seeds fenugreek and /or chile powder sometimes added.

Custard - a cooked or baked mixture mainly of eggs and milk. It may be sweetened to use as a dessert or flavored with cheese, fish, etc., as an entrée.

Cut - to divide a food into smaller portions, usually with a knife or scissors.

Cut in, to - to incorporate by cutting or chopping motions, as in cutting shortening into flour for pastry.

Cutlet - a small piece of meat cut from the leg or rib of veal or pork, or a croquette mixture made into the shape of a cutlet.

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