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Cooking definitions and terms beginning with


Eau-De-Vie - also aqua vitae, or “water of life” literally. A term commonly applied to homemade brandies and distilled white spirits, made from the lees of wine.

Éclair - A small, oblong, cream-filled pastry made with Choux Pastry (cream-puff pastry dough). Unlike Cream Puffs, éclairs are usually topped with a sweet icing such as a chocolate glaze.

Eddoes - Also called taro root and dasheen, are solid, roundish root tubers. It is a starchy root with a combination of potato, water chestnut and artichoke flavors. It is delicious deep-fried, boiled, roasted or pan-fried. Peel the root first, and use as you would potatoes.

Egg - the ovoid, hard-shelled reproductive body produced by a bird, consisting principally of a yolk and albumen; it is a good source of protein, iron, sulfur and vitamins A, B, D and E but also relatively high in cholesterol.

Eggnog - a frothy drink made from cream or milk, egg yolks, sugar and flavorings such as rum or brandy. Eggnog is a tradition Christmas drink.

Egg Roll - Chinese pastry stuffed with a mixture of shredded meats, shrimp, cabbage or lettuce, and vegetables, then deep-fried.

Egg Timer - a small, hourglass-shaped container that holds a fixed amount of sand. When the timer is turned upside down, the sand moves from one half to another in a three-minute period, the time required to cook a medium-sized egg to the soft-boiled stage.

Elixirs - cordials or essences that are said to be life-prolonging.

Emincé - a term used to describe meat, vegetables, or fish sliced very thinly, placed in an earthenware dish and simmered in added sauce.

Endive - a plant (Cichorium endivia) with curly dark green leaves and a slightly bitter flavor; also know as curly endive and imprecisely known as chicory (especially in France and United States).

English Walnut - a nut (Juglans regia) with a hard, wrinkled tan shell enclosing two double-lobed sections; has a sweet flavor and is used for snacking, in sweet and savory dishes and for obtaining oil; also known as the Persian walnut.

Entrecôte - a cut of beef taken from between the ribs. Sometimes the term refers to a rumpsteak or sirloin.

Entrée - today the term refers to the main course of a meal, but originally it was the second course of many. French, meaning “entrance”.

Entremets - side dishes, literally “between dishes”; can be savory or sweet.

Epergne - a serving dish of numerous separate bowls attached to one main stem.

Epicure - a gourmet who gives special attention to the knowledge of food and wine.

Escalope - refers to a thin slice of meat or fish, without bones, gristle, or skin.

Espresso - an Italian way of preparing coffee using steam.

Essences - condensed flavors made as their source is distilled or pressed, then mixed with liquid. Examples are almond extract, rose water, etc.

Etouffée - French for smothered and used to describe a stewed dish cooked with little or no liquid in a tightly closed pot; usually served over white rice.

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