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Maraschino Cherry - 1. A cherry marinated in maraschino liqueur and used for garnishing cocktails, desserts and baked goods. 2. A pitted cherry macerated in a flavored sugar syrup and dyed red or green; used for the same purposes as a traditional cherry.

Marbled - a term for meat streaked with fat. When cooked, marbled meat is juicy and exceptionally tender, so this is a mark of a high-quality piece, especially sought after in steaks and beef roasts.

Marc - eau-de-vie, a spirit distilled from the residue of grapes or other fruit after wine has been pressed and strained. Calvados is the marc made of apples.

Maréchale, à la - small cuts of meat and poultry which are breaded and fried in butter. Green asparagus tips and truffles are usual in the garnish.

Marennes - a type of oyster found in French waters. Highly prized for flavor.

Margarine - a butter substitute made from animal or vegetable fat and butter flavored.

Marinade - a seasoned liquid blend, usually acid-based with wine, vinegar, yogurt or lemon juice, or a dry spice rub.

Marinate, to - to cover food with a marinade for a specified amount of time before cooking to make it more flavorful, more moist and/or more tender. (Food should be covered and refrigerated while marinating.).

Marinière - to cook shellfish with white wine. Also, a garnish with mussels.

Marjoram - an herb and member of the mint family (Origanum marjorana) native to the Mediterranean, has short oval, pale green leaves, a sweet flavor reminiscent of thyme and oregano and a strong aroma; also known as sweet marjoram.

Marmalade - a citrus jelly that also contains unpeeled slices of citrus fruit.

Marmite - a heavy metal or earthenware pot.

Marmite, Petite - French dish. A rich broth called consommé double, it includes chicken and beef with vegetables and herbs. The words mean “small pot”.

Marrow - a squash. Also, the inner substance of meat bones, usually shin bones.

Marzipan / Marchpane - a combination of almond paste, sugar and egg whites used in making pastry and small fruit shapes for holidays.

Mash - to crush or pound, generally used in connection with cooked root vegetables, such as potatoes and turnips.

Matelote - a rich fish stew flavored with red or white wine and herbs.

Matzo; Matzo bread - a type of thin unleavened bread special to the Passover feast celebrated by the Jews. It resembles a cracker. Also, unleavened dumplings.

Mayonnaise - a cold, thick, creamy sauce consisting of oil and vinegar emulsified with egg yolks; used as a spread or base for a salad dressing or dip.

Mead - an alcoholic drink of fermented honey and water.

Measuring cups, dry - vessels, usually made of plastic or metal, with a handle and a rim that is level with the top measurement specified; used to measure the volume of dry substances and are generally available in a set of 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1-cup capacities; metric measures are also available.

Measuring cups, liquid - vessels, usually made of glass, plastic or metal, with a handle and a spout that is above the top line of measurement; specifically used to measure the volume of a liquid and are generally available in 1, 2, and 4-cup to 1-gallon capacities; metric measures are also available; also know as glass cup measures.

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