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Cooking definitions and terms beginning with


Nacho - a Mexican appetizer made with chilies and melted cheese served on a bed of tortillas.

Nasturtium - an edible flower. The young leaves and blooms are used in salads and sandwiches, and as garnishes for cold summer soups; the buds may be picked and pickled and used as substitute for capers.

Navarin - a French lamb stew.

Navy Bean - a variety of kidney bean; small and ovoid with a white skin and flesh; a staple of the U.S. Navy since the 1880s, it is also known as the beautiful bean, Boston bean, and Yankee bean.

Neapolitan Ice Cream - an ice cream brick made up of layers of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

Neat - an undiluted alcohol.

Nectar - any delicious drink. In mythology, this was the drink of the Olympian gods. Also, the juice of plants collected for honey.

Nectarine - a medium-sized stone fruit (Prunus persica) with a smooth red and yellow skin, firm yellowish-pink flesh and a peachy flavor with undertones of almond; available as freestone and clingstone.

Nesselrode - a mold of ice cream flavored with candied fruits and chestnut purée. Also, a Bavarian cream similarly flavored and used in a pie.

Newburg - hot lobster or seafood cooked in a sherry sauce enriched with a thick cream sauce.

Nicoise, à la - dishes with black olives, tomatoes, garlic, anchovies and dried cherries. Also, a candy of caramelized sugar and browned almonds.

Noodles - ribbons of various lengths, widths and thicknesses made from a dough of wheat flour, water and eggs (or egg yolks) and generally boiled; also known as egg noodles.

Nutmeg - the hard seed of a yellow fruit from a tree (Myristica fragrans) native to the East Indies; has an oval shape and smooth texture with a strong, sweet aroma and flavor; used ground (grated) in sweet and savory dishes.

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