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Pot Pie - a pie of meat or poultry and vegetables in a thick gravy, topped with a short pastry crust.

Pot-Roasting - a phrase that describes braising, the process of browning meat and then cooking it in very little liquid.

Potted Meat - cooked meat preserved in a jar.

Poultry - any domesticated bird used for food; the USDA recognizes six kinds of poultry: chicken, duck, goose, guinea, pigeon and turkey.

Pound - a basic measure of weight in the U.S. system; 16 ounces = 1 pound, 1 pound = 453.6 grams or 0.4536 kilogram .

Pound, to - in cooking, to flatten with a heavy tool. The process is intended to tenderize certain very tough or wiry fish (such as abalone), and to thin for fast cooking and tenderize, cuts of meat - veal scallops, for instance, to make scaloppini, and paupiettes.

Pozole - [poh-SOH-leh] A thick, hearty soup usually consisting of pork (sometimes chicken) meat and broth, hominy, onion, garlic, dried chiles and cilantro. It's usually served with chopped lettuce, radishes, onions, cheese and cilantro, which diners can add to the soup as they please. Posole originated in Jalisco, in the middle of Mexico's Pacific Coast region, and is traditionally served at Christmastime.

Praline - a hard candy made of sugar cooked to 310 degrees Fahrenheit on the candy thermometer, to which almonds or pecans are added. The candy is cooled in butter, then cracked and the confection is used as topping. It may also be poured directly onto a pudding or cake icing as a sweet garnish.

Prawns - crustaceans like shrimp. In some areas of the United States, the term is applied to any large shrimp.

Preheat - to bring the oven or grill to the desired temperature before placing the food in to cook.

Pressed Beef - the brisket which has been boned, salted and pressed

Printanier, à la - to be cooked or garnished with fresh spring vegetables. Printemps is the French word for spring.

Profiteroles - A miniature cream puff filled with either a sweet or savory mixture. Savory profiteroles are usually served as appetizers.

Proof - to allow a yeast mixture to rise in a warm, dry place. Also, to test yeast for potency.

Provencale, a la - a dish including garlic, olive oil, tomatoes and often black olives.

Prune - a dried red or purple plum.

Pudding - a general name for many thick, rich dishes, both sweet and savory. Puddings are generally made of an ingredient that thickens, like cornmeal, or include a thickener, such as cornstarch.

Puff Pastry - pastry that puffs when baked.

Pulses - the dried form of peas, beans, soybean, peanuts and other legumes.

Pumpkin - a spherical winter squash with a flattened top and base, size ranging from small to very large, fluted orange shell (yellow and green varieties are also available), yellow to orange flesh with a mild sweet flavor and numerous flat, edible seeds.

Purée - to process a food into a smooth paste, usually with a blender or food processor, or by pressing the food through a fine sieve or food mill.

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