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Rice - the starch seed of a semi-aquatic grass (Oryza sativa), probably originating in Southeast Asia and now part of most cuisines; divided into three types based on seed size; long-grain, medium-grain and short-grain, each of which is available in different processed forms such as white rice and brown rice.

Ricer - a colander like utensil that forces food through tiny holes, giving potatoes, for instance, the texture of cooked rice.

Rice Vinegar - a mild white vinegar good for salads and used in Chinese cuisine.

Rigatoni - Italian for large groove and used to describe large grooved, slightly curved pasta tubes.

Rillettes - a pâté of pork that is somewhat coarser than liver pâtés.

Rind - outer shell or peel of fruit.

Risotto - Italian rice dishes. A risotto is rather like a pilaf, and may have any number of flavorings.

Roast, to - to cook by dry heat, usually in an oven.

Roe - fish eggs. Caviar is the most famous use of roe.

Rollmop - a herring, particularly when marinated for a long period with gherkins or other pickles.

Rose Water - a liquid flavored with the oil of rose petals. It is used to flavor desserts in Balkan, Indian and Middle Eastern cooking.

Rosemary - an herb (Rosmarinus officinalis) with silver-green, needle-shaped leaves, a strong flavor reminiscent of lemon and pine and a strong, sharp camphor-like aroma; available fresh and dried.

Roulade - a food rolled around a stuffing. Paupiettes is one example. Peach roulade and a stuffed genoese s another.

Roux - is a paste of butter and flour that is used to thicken almost everything in Western cooking. A white roux is the base for white, or cream sauces, such as sauce béchamel, used with chicken, vegetables and fish. A brown roux is the base for much cajun creole cooking and for many rich casseroles. The time allowed for the cooking determines the color of the roux.

Royale - a thin custard cooled and cut into decorative shapes. Used to garnish soups primarily.

Rump Roast - a boneless cut from the leg.

Rusks - twice-toasted bread or cake.

Rutabaga - also called Swede, this is a yellow winter turnip, more strongly flavored than the white and purple turnips of spring. It is excellent with turkey and duck, and in soups and stews.

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