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Scallop - a bivalve mollusk of which only the muscle hinge is eaten; to bake food in a sauce topped with crumbs.

Scampi - name for shrimp. Also, a dish of shrimp cooked in a rich garlic-butter sauce. Italian.

Schnitzel - a thin slice of veal; a cutlet. May be breaded and sautéed, as in wiener schnitzel.

Scone - a quick bread used as a tea biscuit served hot with butter and jam. British Isles.

Score - to cut shallow slits at regular intervals on the surface of a food, as in scoring fat on ham before glazing, for either decoration or to tenderize, or to prevent edges from curling.

Scotch Woodcock - scrambled eggs on top of toast, spread with anchovy paste, and garnished with smoked anchovies.

Sear - to brown the surface of a meat quickly by cooking in a little fat at a very high heat in order to seal in the meats juices and create a rich color before finishing by another method.

Season - 1. Traditionally, to enhance a food's flavor by adding salt. 2. More commonly, to enhance a food's flavor by adding salt and/or pepper as well as herbs and other spices.

Seasoned Salt - a seasoning blend; its primary ingredient is salt with flavorings such as celery, garlic or onion added.

Self-Rising Flour - flour that is premixed with salt and leavening.

Semolina - a by-product of milled flour, these large wheat grains are used to make couscous, pasta, puddings or as a thickening agent.

Set - term used to describe the consistency of gelatin when it has jelled enough to unmold.

Seviche - white sea fish pickled in lime juice. South American.

Shad - a seafish that spawns in fresh water. Most popular for its delicate roe, it can be used as is fresh herring or mackerel.

Shallots - an herb with a garlic-onion flavor, small and milder than an onion, but resembling garlic cloves.

Sheepshead - a fish found along the Atlantic coast; it has white flesh that is well flavored and lean.

Sheeting - stage at which sugary jams, candies and other preserves will jell; 220 to 222 degrees on a candy or jelly thermometer. Syrup falling from a spoon dipped into the boiling kettle will sheet at this stage, rather than run off the spoon in a stream or fall off in rapidly forming individual drops. This is the signal to remove the kettle from the heat.

Shellfish - any of many species of aquatic invertebrates with shells or carapaces found in saltwater and freshwater regions worldwide, most are edible; shellfish are categorized as crustaceans and mollusks.

Shepherd’s Pie - a meat pie with a mashed potato crust.

Sherbet - a frozen sweet made with fruit juice that originated in the Middle East almost before recorded history.

Shirr - applies to eggs baked in buttered ramekins and usually topped with cream. Some versions also call for bread crumbs.

Shish Kebab - a Mediterranean dish of marinated meats (usually lamb or beef) and vegetables threaded on a skewer and grilled or broiled; also known as shashlik.

Short - the description of any pastry with a high content of fat. Fat makes pastry tender and flaky. Shortbread is a good example.

Shortening - a white, flavorless, solid fat formulated for baking or deep frying; any fat used in baking to tenderize the product by shortening gluten strands.

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