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Spinach - a vegetable with dark green, spear-shaped leaves that can be curled or smooth and are attached to thin stems; the leaves have a slightly bitter flavor and are eaten raw or cooked.

Spiny Lobster - crustacean lacking claws, but otherwise are like a large American lobster.

Sponge Cake - a cake made without shortening and leavened only with eggs.

Sprat - a small herring found in European waters. It is served smoked but can be eaten fresh, grilled or fried.

Spring Onions - The name "spring onion" is applied to several members of the onion family including a distinct variety called scallion, immature onions (commonly called green onions or spring onions), young leeks and sometimes the tops of young shallots. In each case the vegetable has a white base that has not fully developed into a bulb and green leaves that are long and straight. Both parts are edible. True scallions are generally identified by the fact that the sides of the base are straight, whereas the others are usually slightly curved, showing the beginnings of a bulb.

Sprouts - the young growth of any seed. Certain sprouts make tasty and nutritious salads, for instance, bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts.

Sprouting - sprouting is to cause seeds to germinate for use in cooking or salads.

Squab - young commercially raised pigeons.

Squash - the edible fleshy fruit of various members of the gourd (Cucurbitaceae) family; generally divided into two categories based on peak season and skin type: summer and winter.

Squid - a relative of the octopus, and a popular food in fish dishes in the Mediterranean.

Star Anise - a star-shaped spice used in Oriental cooking. It is used by some as a substitute for the bay leaf.

Steam - to cook indirectly by setting food on top of boiling water in a covered pot.

Steam-pressure canning method - used for processing low-acid foods, such as meats, fish, poultry, and most vegetables. A temperature higher than a boiling temperature is required to can these foods safely. The food is processed in a steam-pressure canner at 10 pounds’ pressure (240) to ensure that all of the spoilage micro-organisms are destroyed.

Steep - to let food, such as tea, stand in not quite boiling water until the flavor is extracted.

Stew - a mixture of meat or fish and vegetables cooked by simmering in its own juices along with other liquid, such as water and/or wine.

Stiff Peaks - egg whites beaten until they are stiff enough to stand on their own. They have a glossy moist look when just right, and stand upright when the beater is lifted from the bow.

Stir - to combine ingredients or move ingredients around with a spoon in a circular motion.

Stir-Fry - to cook quickly in oil over high heat, using light tossing and stirring motions to preserve shape of food.

Stock - a rich extract of soluble parts of meat, fish, poultry, etc. A basis for soups or gravies.

Strain - to separate liquid from solid food by pouring through a strainer or fine sieve.

Strudel - a German pastry of paper-thin flaky dough, filled with a sweet or savory mixture, often apple.

Stuff - to fill a cavity in food with another food.

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