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Stuffing - a seasoned mixture of food used to fill the cavity of poultry, fish, vegetables or around which a strip of meat, fish or vegetable may be rolled.

Suet - the fat surrounding the kidneys and loin of an animal. It is used in stuffings, mincemeat and plum pudding.

Sugar - a sweet, water-soluble, crystalline carbohydrate; used as a sweetener and preservative for foods.

Sugar Snap Pea - a sweet pea that is a hybrid of the English pea and snow pea; the bright green, crisp pod and the paler green, tender seeds are both edible.

Sukiyaki - Japanese dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables, cooked quickly in a little broth, and heaped in a big plate in the center of the table. Diners help themselves with chopsticks.

Suprême - a French term used to describe a boned chicken breast.

Supreming - a method of using a paring knife to remove the skin, pith, and outer membrane from citrus fruit and then carefully cutting each segment away from white membranes.

Sushi-Meshi - Japanese vinegared rice, decorated beautifully and served with slices of raw fish.

Sweat - a method of cooking vegetables in simmering butter; also called “fat steaming.”

Sweet Potato - a variety of sweet potato with a thick, dark orange skin and an orange flesh that remains moist when cooked; sometimes erroneously called a yam.

Sweet and Sour - a term used to describe a dish or sauce combining sugar and vinegar. Used in Chinese, Jewish and German cooking, and sometimes in Italian.

Sweetbreads - the thymus glands of veal, young beef, lamb and pork.

Syllabub - a drink made of frothy milk and alcohol, usually wine, served on festive occasions in the past.

Syrup - sugar dissolved in liquid, usually water; it is often flavored with spices or citrus zest.

Syrupy - thickened to about the consistency of egg white.

Szechwan Chile (Chili) Sauce - a sauce or paste made from chiles, oil, salt and garlic and used as a flavoring in Chinese Szechwan cooking; also known as chile paste or chile paste with garlic.

Szechuan pepper; Szechwan - Native to the Szechuan province of China, this mildly hot spice comes from the prickly ash tree. Though not related to the Peppercorn family, Szechuan berries resemble black peppercorns but contain a tiny seed. Szechuan pepper has a distinctive flavor and fragrance. It can be found in Asian markets and specialty stores in whole or powdered form. Whole berries are often heated before being ground to bring out their flavor and aroma. Szechuan pepper is also known as anise pepper, Chinese pepper, fagara, flower pepper, sansho and Sichuan pepper. Information Source: Some definitions compiled here are based on information found in THE FOOD LOVER'S COMPANION, 2nd edition, by Sharon Tyler Herbst.

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