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Sabayon - a sweet egg dessert or sauce, flavored with wine. In Italy it is called zabaione.

Saccharin - a commercial synthetic sugar substitute. It is said to be 500 times sweeter than sugar.

Sacher Torte - a famous Viennese cake made of chocolate with apricot filling and dark chocolate icing.

Saddle - a cut of meat including both loins. In beef, this is considered the finest cut. Also, used in reference to lamb and mutton.

Safflower - a major source of orange dye, oil and polyunsaturated fat.

Saffron - dried, yellow-orange stamens of the flower of crocus sativus. Saffron is available as threads and as grains. The threads are considered best, though far more expensive.

Sage - an herb (Salvia officinalis) native to the Mediterranean region; has soft, slender, slightly furry, gray-green leaves and a pungent, slightly bitter, musty mint flavor; used for medicinal and culinary purposes; available fresh or dried, used chopped, whole or rubbed.

Saint-Germain - a soup made of fresh green peas.

Saint-Honoré - an impressive dessert of caramel-glazed cream puffs circling cream filling.

Sake - a wine made from rice.

Salami - a highly seasoned dried Italian sausage made of pork or beef.

Salmagundi - a meat-salad dish with hard boiled eggs, beets, anchovies and pickles.

Salmi - a stew made of leftover or precooked roast game.

Salsa - 1. Spanish for sauce. 2. Traditionally, a Mexican cold sauce made from tomatoes flavored with cilantro, chiles and onions. 3. Generally, a cold chunky mixture of fresh herbs, spices, fruits and/or vegetables used as a sauce or dip.

Salt - 1. A substance resulting from the chemical interaction of an acid and a base, usually sodium and chloride. 2. A white granular substance (sodium chloride) used to season foods.

Saltpeter - Potassium nitrate, a preservative used with salt for pickling and keeping meat.

Sangria - a sweetened wine drink made with red wine and fruit and brandy, which is served traditionally with paella, in Spain.

Sarsaparilla - a drink flavoring made with the dried roots of a plant of the smilax genus.

Sashimi - raw saltwater fish and other foods sliced paper thin and served decoratively; a native Japanese dish.

Sauerkraut - white cabbage cut finely, salted and fermented in its own liquid.

Sauté - to brown or cook a food quickly in a pan over direct heat, usually using a small amount of hot fat.

Savarin - a yeast-raised sweet cake soaked in Kirsch or rum. French.

Savory Butter - butter whipped with a variety of flavorings, used as a spread for canapés (i.e.: anchovy butter), a sauce for grilled fish or meat (i.e.: tarragon butter), or to flavor sauces (i.e.: shrimp butter).

Scald - to heat a liquid, usually milk or cream, to just below the boiling point, when small bubbles appear around the edges of the pan.

Scallion; Scallions - The name "scallion" is applied to several members of the onion family including a distinct variety called scallion, immature onions (commonly called green onions or spring onions), young leeks and sometimes the tops of young shallots. In each case the vegetable has a white base that has not fully developed into a bulb and green leaves that are long and straight. Both parts are edible. True scallions are generally identified by the fact that the sides of the base are straight, whereas the others are usually slightly curved, showing the beginnings of a bulb.

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