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Vanilla - an essential flavoring that comes from the pod of a tropical vine, an orchid that climbs, vanilla planifolia. It is commonly used in the United States as vanilla extract; it is also sold powdered or by the whole pod. In Europe, the pod is used to flavor sugar which is then used in baking.

Vanilla Extract - a vanilla-flavored product made by macerating chopped vanilla beans in a water-alcohol solution to extract the flavor; its strength is measured in folds.

Vanilla Sugar - sugar flavored by vanilla beans. To make vanilla sugar, fill a large jar with sugar, break a vanilla bean in three pieces, press it into the sugar and leave for several weeks.

Veal - meat from calves slaughtered when younger than 9 months (usually at 8 to 16 weeks); has a lean, light pink flesh, delicate flavor and tender, firm texture.

Vegetable Oil - a general term describing blends of different vegetable oils such as corn, safflower, rapeseed, cottonseed and/or soybean oils; these blends are generally intended to have little flavor and aroma and to be used as all-purpose oils.

Veloute - white sauce made of flour, butter, and a chicken or veal stock, instead of milk.

Venison - meat of deer.

Vent - to allow the circulation or escape of a liquid or gas.

Vermicelli - Italian for little worms; used to describe very thin spaghetti; available in straight rods or twisted into a cluster.

Vermouth - a white apéritif wine of France, sweet or dry.

Veronique - usually means garnished with white grapes.

Vert-Pre - a green herb sauce; also, a garnish of straw potatoes and watercress served with grilled meat.

Vichissoise - a cold soup made with leeks, potatoes and cream.

Vinaigrette - a cold sauce of oil and vinegar flavored with parsley, finely chopped onions, and other seasonings; served with cold meats or vegetables or as a dressing with salad greens.

Vintage - a word given to the harvest of grapes relating to the year of the harvest and wine production.

Viticulture - the study of grape growing.

Volume - the measurement typically used to measure liquids; volume measurements are commonly expressed as liters, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pints, gallons, fluid ounces and bushels.

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