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Peaches in Brandy

No recipe image available.Serve these brandied peaches with ice cream, frozen yogurt, pound cake or bread pudding.

Recipe Ingredients:

2 pounds firm, ripe small peaches (or enough to fit in a large jar)
2 cups granulated sugar
5 cups water
1 vanilla bean
About 3 cups brandy

Cooking Directions:

  1. Place enough water to cover peaches in a large saucepan or Dutch oven. Bring to boil. Add half of the peaches; boil for 2 to 4 minutes; remove peaches with a slotted spoon and repeat with remaining peaches. When peaches are cool enough to handle, slip off skins. Place in a large, sterilized jar. Sterilize jar and lid by boiling in water for 10 minutes; leave jar and lid in hot water until ready to use.
  2. Make a syrup: In a large saucepan, combine sugar, water and vanilla bean. Bring to boil; boil 10 minutes. Cool.
  3. Pour equal amounts of syrup and brandy over peaches. Seal securely and store in cool, dark place. Will keep up to 6 months.

Makes about 1 to 1 1/2 quarts.

Note: The measurements in this recipe are approximate. The amount of peaches will vary, depending on the size of your jar and the size of the peaches. Fill in any unused space in the jar with peach halves after filling with whole peaches. You may not use all the brandy and sugar syrup. Pack peaches in jar so that they stay submerged under the brandy. Any exposed portion of fruit discolors and becomes mushy.