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Browned and Braised Cauliflower

No recipe image available.The addition of yogurt creates a rich and satisfying sauce that tames and blends the flavor of the spices.

Recipe Ingredients:

1/4 cup plain yogurt
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 1/2 tablespoons canola oil
1 medium head cauliflower, trimmed, cored, and cut into florets
1/2 medium onion, sliced thin
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric
1/4 teaspoon hot red pepper flakes
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro leaves
Salt and ground black pepper

Cooking Directions:

  1. Combine yogurt, lime juice, and 1/4 cup water in small bowl and set aside.
  2. Heat large skillet over medium-high heat until pan is very hot, 3 to 4 minutes. Add oil, swirling pan to coat evenly. Add florets and sauté, stirring occasionally, until they begin to soften, 2 to 3 minutes. Add onions, continue sautéing until florets begin to brown and onions soften, about 4 minutes.
  3. Stir in cumin, coriander, turmeric, and pepper flakes; sauté until spices begin to toast and are fragrant, 1 to 2 minutes. Reduce heat to low and add yogurt mixture. Cover and cook until flavors meld, about 4 minutes. Add cilantro, toss to distribute, cover and cook until florets are fully tender but still offer some resistance to the tooth when sampled, about 2 minutes more. Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve immediately.

Makes 6 servings.