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Australian, British & U.S. Cooking Terms

Most culinary terms in the English-speaking world can cross national borders without creating havoc in the kitchen.

Nevertheless, there are differences in cookery terms. For instance, the Australian and British biscuit is a cookie to Americans, but the American biscuit is a scone to Australians and the British!

U.S. Terms

Australian & British Terms
all-purpose flour plain flour
baking sheet baking tray
baking soda bicarbonate of soda
beef cut from the rump silverside
beet beetroot
biscuit scone
blueberry bilberry
bouillon cube; granules; base stock cubes
bread flour strong flour
cake; baking pan cake tin
candied fruit glacé fruits
cantaloupe rockmelon
catsup, ketchup tomato sauce
celery rib celery stick
chops cutlets
cilantro coriander, fresh
cookies biscuits
cornmeal maize flour
confectioners'/powdered sugar icing sugar
cornstarch cornflour
cream, heavy double cream
cream, light; half-and-half single cream
dessert pudding
dish towel tea towel
eggplant aubergine
extract (vanilla, etc.) essence
farina semolina
fat from roasted meat dripping
fatback pork fat
fava beans broad beans
flank steak skirt steak
French-fried potatoes chips
graham crackers wheatmeal or digestive biscuits
ground meats minced meats
green beans French beans
green onion (spring) salad onion
halibut jewfish
ham ham or sometimes gammon
hard-cooked eggs hard-boiled eggs
heaping spoonful heaped spoonful
jumbo shrimp king prawns
large cut of meat w/bone; roast joint
light corn syrup glucose syrup
meat turnover Cornish pasty
molasses treacle
papaya papaw; pawpaw
peanut ground nut
pie crust pastry
pig's foot pig's trotter
pit stone; seed; pip
plastic wrap cling film
pork shoulder roast hand of pork
potato chips crisps
raisins; seedless; golden sultanas
raw shrimp green shrimp
rice flour ground rice
round steak; stewing beef chuck steak
sausage bangers
scallions; green onions spring or salad onions
seeded stoned
seeds pips
shortening, vegetable a solid white vegetable fat
shredded coconut desiccated coconut
shrimp prawns
(to) shuck (to) hull
sirloin rump steak; Scotch fillet
skillet frying pan
slice rasher
smoked haddock finnan haddie
sole bream
stew beef gravy beef
stewing chicken boiling chicken; fowl
strain; strainer sieve
(to) strain (to) sift
stuffing mixture for meat or fish forcemeat
sugar; granulated; superfine castor sugar
sweet or bell peppers capsicums
Swiss chard silver beet
Swiss Cheese Emmethaler
tenderloin fillet (of meat)
tomato catsup; ketchup tomato sauce
tuna tunny
vanilla bean vanilla pod
variety meats (liver; kidney;etc) offal
wax paper greaseproof paper
zucchini courgette

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