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What type of bran is used for bran muffins?

This may be a silly question....but I have yet to find anyone that knows the answer. Bran or Honey Bran muffin recipes call for either 'bran' or 'wheat bran' as an ingredient. The only type of bran that I can find at any store is Oat Bran or Oats. Is this what the recipe really wants? There does not seem to be a bran or wheat bran ingredient at any of the normal or health food stores. Thanks for any help you can give. Jacqueline


With recipes, the rule-of-thumb regarding bran (when unspecified), is that it is almost always wheat bran. You can find wheat bran on the cereal aisle, just look for 100% bran flakes or buds cereal. It can be confusing were probably looking sensibly on the aisle where the whole grains and flours are kept!

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