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When making candy what causes my syrup to sugar (crystallize)?

When making candy what causes my syrup to sugar?


When making sugar-based candy/syrup, the batch can "sugar" or more aptly, crystallize at any time during the cooking process. Basically, the reason crystallization occurs is because melted sugar crystals much prefer to be in their original dry, stable state and will jump at any chance to change back and all it takes is one lone tiny crystal perched at the side of the pan to act as a seed causing nearby crystals to quickly join in and before you know it, it's "crystal-mania" and the whole batch is ruined!

Tips to help prevent crystallization from occurring during candy making:

  • Dissolve sugar completely before mixture boils.
  • If crystals form on the side of the pan, brush them down into the syrup with a pastry brush dipped into hot water, or tightly cover the saucepan and let the mixture cook for about 3 minutes. This causes steam, thereby melting the sugar crystals that may have adhered to the sides of the pan.
  • Avoid stirring syrup once it begins to boil unless the recipe instructs otherwise.

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