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Why did my cookies become so moist after a day or so?

I am involved in a cookie exchange this year. I decided to make apple cider cookies, however I noticed after about a day the cookies became very moist. Is this normal texture for these type of cookies or am I doing something wrong. I used eggs instead of egg beaters would this have made the moistness occur?


The egg beaters had nothing to do with the increased moistness of the cookies, it was the apples. Anytime fruit, especially fresh or canned fruit, is used in baked foods, the fruit adds moisture resulting in moist, softer-textured baked goods. Plus, when stored in airtight container, baked foods that contain fruit will soften even more over time. (Ever notice how the crust on a fruit pie is nice a crisp on the first day, but the next day is soft if stored in a covered container?)

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