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Why is my pie crust falling apart in the transfer from counter to plate?

I have been making pies for years. I have never had any problem with my crust. Lately I have been having a problem with it staying together. When I transfer it from the counter to the pie plate it falls apart. I always use Crisco in my pie crust. I have also used the same recipe.


When a recipe that has been used successfully for years doesn't work quite the same, often times the problem lies with one of the ingredients. In this case, it is probably the flour. Flour changes with the weather, absorbing moisture when the humidity is high in the summer, and becoming drier when the humidity is low in winter months. However, drier flour can occur in the summer months if your home is cooled by air conditioning.

To correct the problem you'll need to add more moisture by incorporating an additional teaspoon or so of water into the pie dough, being careful not to add too much otherwise the baked crust will be more bread-like in texture rather than the desirable layers of flakiness. A good rule to remember when making pie crust is that a little liquid goes along way, so go lightly when adding more to the mix.

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