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What are the best apples for making pie?

What would be the best apples to use for apple cheddar streusel pie?


A combination of apples works quite nicely in pie. Use apples such as Winesaps for their spicy, wine taste, Macintosh apples for their juiciness and Granny Smiths or Pippins for their tartness. Golden Delicious, Cortlands, Macouns and Greenings are all good in pies. Rome Beauties work well in a mixture of apples because they hold their shape. You'll get a great combination of flavors and an excellent pie.

The same rule applies for choosing apples to use in making applesauce or any dish with an apple filling.

All said and done, my personal choice, and favorite apple, for making a terrific-tasting, all-American apple pie is the firm and tart, green Pippin apple.

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