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Can you freeze chanterelle mushrooms?

Can you freeze chanterelle mushrooms? I was thinking of doing it kinda like razor clams--in a freezer bag filled with water. Thank you.


No, freezing raw mushrooms is not recommended because during the freezing process the large amount of water in mushrooms will expand and damage their cellular construction which will be apparent once thawed. Instead, dry them and they will store indefinitely.

To dry mushrooms: Slowly and gently oven dry mushrooms in very low heat (about 150°F or 65°C...or lower). Once the mushrooms are completely and totally dried (no moisture should remain whatsoever or there is a risk of contamination--in other words as dry as a potato chip), cool to room temperature and store indefinitely in a sealed container. Reconstitute mushrooms in water for a few hours before using in recipes.

Fresh chanterelles can generally be stored up to ten days in a refrigerator.

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