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Molasses Fudge

No recipe image available.This terrific recipe for Molasses Fudge was submitted by Ann Joy.

Recipe Ingredients:

2 cups granulated sugar
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
2/3 cup whole milk
1 cup molasses
4 tablespoons butter (do not use margarine)
1 cup chopped pecans (coarsely chopped)

Cooking Directions:

  1. Mix the sugar and cocoa in a heavy saucepan. Add the molasses, milk and butter. Mix and cook until the mixture reaches 238°F (115°C), stirring constantly. Remove from the heat and let stand 5 minutes.
  2. Beat until creamy using a wooden spoon. Stir in the nuts and pour mixture into an 8-inch square buttered pan. When slightly set, mark into squares. Let stand until firm.

Makes 64 (1-inch) squares.