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Recipes for Turkey

Looking for new ways to serve turkey? You'll find hundreds of delicious ideas here.

Southern Deep Fried TurkeyRecipe: Southern Deep Fried Turkey

A whole, deep-fried turkey takes a fraction of the time to prepare than that of a traditional roast turkey, plus it frees up the oven for those delicious sides.

Maple-Glazed Turkey Breast with Orange-Parsley StuffingRecipe: Maple-Glazed Turkey Breast with Orange-Parsley Stuffing

Add kumquats, cranberries, and sage sprigs to the serving platter to dress up this much-loved classic.

Turkey Veggie TetrazziniRecipe: Turkey Veggie Tetrazzini

Italian-style vegetables add a colorful twist to this hearty combination of turkey and whole-wheat spaghetti mixed with a creamy sauce.

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