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Recipes for Cookies

Yum! There's nothing quite like the first bite of a warm, freshly baked homemade cookie — sounds like a good time to fill up the cookie jar!

Select and explore our cookie recipe collections below the featured recipes:

Chocolaty Caramel ThumbprintsChocolaty Caramel Thumbprints

These decadent cookies are rolled in pecans, drenched with thick caramel, and topped with a chocolate drizzle.

Mini Pumpkin Whoopie PiesRecipe: Mini Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Fluffy cream cheese filling sandwiched between two moist pumpkin cookies make these whoopie pies the perfect hand-held snack you just won't be able to resist!

Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chunk CookiesRecipe: Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Festive oatmeal cookies loaded with sweet-tart dried cranberries and chunks of white chocolate.

Cookie Recipes by Ingredient:

Apple Cookie Recipes Apple
Banana Cookie Recipes Banana
Berry Cookie Recipes Berry
Cherry Cookie Recipes Cherry
Chocolate Cookie Recipes Chocolate
Coconut Cookie Recipes Coconut
Cranberry Cookie Recipes Cranberry
Ginger & Spice Cookie Recipes Ginger & Spice
Lemon Cookie Recipes Lemon
Oatmeal Cookie Recipes Oatmeal
Orange Cookie Recipes Orange
Peanut Butter Cookie Recipes Peanut Butter
Pumpkin Cookie Recipes Pumpkin
White Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes White Chocolate Chip

Cookie Recipes by Type:

Biscotti Biscotti
Butter Cookie Recipes Butter Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cookie-in-a-Jar Mix Recipes Cookie-in-a-Jar Mixes
Cut-Out, Pressed & Formed Cookie Recipes Cut-Outs & Formed
Drop Cookie Recipes Drop Cookies
Meringue Cookie Recipes Meringue Cookies
No-Bake Cookie & Bar Recipes No-Bake Cookies & Bars
Shortbread Cookie Recipes Shortbread Cookies
Spritz Cookie Recipes Spritz Cookies
Sugar & Cut-Out Cookie Recipes Sugar & Cut-Out Cookies
Thumbprint Cookie Recipes Thumbprint Cookies
Whoopie Pie Recipes Whoopie Pies