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Recipes for Soups & Stews

Oh the culinary wonders of versatile soup! It's the first course, the "meal-in-a-bowl", or a cool, refreshing spoonable dessert.

Select and explore our soup and stew recipe collections below the featured recipes:

Pork ChiliRecipe: Pork Chili

Lean ground pork stars in this Texas bowl of red seasoned with onion, garlic, bell pepper, chili powder, oregano and ground cumin.

Winter Squash BisqueRecipe: Winter Squash Bisque

This thick and creamy soup will warm you to your toes on those cold, winter days.

Pueblo Pepper Jack Corn and Crab ChowderRecipe: Pueblo Pepper Jack Corn and Crab Chowder

Garnish individual servings with fresh cilantro leaves. Serve with crusty bread.

Recipes by Ingredient:

Apple Soup Recipes Apple
Asparagus Soup Recipes Asparagus
Avocado Soup Recipes Avocado
Barley Soup & Stew Recipes Barley
Bean Soup & Stew Recipes Beans
Broccoli Soup Recipes Broccoli
Cabbage Soup & Stew Recipes Cabbage
Carrot Soup Recipes Carrot
Cauliflower Soup Recipes Cauliflower
Hot Chile & Sweet Bell Pepper Soup & Stew Recipes Chilies & Sweet Peppers
Corn Chowder & Soup Recipes Corn
Cucumber Soup Recipes Cucumber
Leek Soup Recipes Leeks
Lentil Soup & Stew Recipes Lentils
Mushroom Soup Recipes Mushrooms
Onion Soup Recipes Onion
Pasta & Noodle Soup Recipes Pasta & Noodles
Pea Soup & Stew Recipes Peas
Potato Soup Recipes Potato
Pumpkin Soup Recipes Pumpkin
Rice Soup & Stew Recipes Rice
Spinach, Kale & Green Leaf Soup Recipes Spinach, Kale & Greens
Squash Soup & Stew Recipes Squash
Sweet Potato Soup Recipes Sweet Potato
Tomato Soup Recipes Tomato

Specialty Soup & Stew Recipes:

Family Favorite Soup & Stew Recipes Family Favorites
Healthier Soup & Stew Recipes Healthier Choices

World Cuisine Recipes:

Asian, Middle Eastern & North African Soup & Stew Recipes Asian & Middle Eastern
Italian & Mediterranean Soup & Stew Recipes Italian & Mediterranean
Mexican & Southwestern Soup & Stew Recipes Mexican & Southwestern

Recipes by Meat & Seafood:

Beef Soup & Stew Recipes Beef
Chicken Soup & Stew Recipes Chicken
Clam Chowder, Soup & Stew Recipes Clams
Crab Chowder, Soup & Stew Recipes Crab
Ham Soup & Stew Recipes Ham
Hamburger Soup & Stew Recipes Hamburger
Lamb Soup & Stew Recipes Lamb
Lobster Chowder, Soup & Stew Recipes Lobster
Oyster Chowder, Soup & Stew Recipes Oysters
Pork Soup & Stew Recipes Pork
Sausage Soup & Stew Recipes Sausage
Shrimp Chowder, Soup & Stew Recipes Shrimp
Turkey Soup & Stew Recipes Turkey
Veal Soup & Stew Recipes Veal

Recipes by Type:

A-to-Z Fish & Seafood Chowder, Soup & Stew Recipes A-to-Z Fish & Seafood
A-to-Z Hot & Hearty Soup Recipes A-to-Z Hot & Hearty
A-to-Z Chowder, Gumbo & Stew Recipes A-to-Z Thick & Hearty
Bisque, Cream & Puréed Soup Recipes Bisques & Cream Soups
Soup Broth & Stock Recipes Broths, Stocks & Mixes
Cheese Soup Recipes Cheese Soups
Chili Recipes Chili Recipes
Chilled Soup Recipes Chilled Soups
Chowder Recipes Chowders
Fruit Soup Recipes Fruit Soups
Gazpacho Recipes Gazpachos
Gumbo Recipes Gumbos
Minestrone Recipes Minestrones
Paella Recipes Paellas
Pozole (Posole) Recipes Pozoles
Stew Recipes Stews
Vegetable Soup & Stew Recipes Vegetable Soups
Vegetarian Soup & Stew Recipes Vegetarian Soups