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Healthier Recipes Collection

Soup, Stew & Chili Recipes

Oh the culinary wonders of versatile soup! It's the first course, the "meal-in-a-bowl", or a cool, refreshing spoonable dessert. Why, some even believe that a comforting hot bowl of chicken soup can help cure the common cold. It may not be able to cure a cold, but it will surely warm the soul and sooth the symptoms!

This comprehensive collection offers hundreds of delicious recipes for hot and hearty soups, stews and chowders, creamy bisques, a variety of cream soups, chilled soups, and a large selection of spicy hot or mild chili recipes—with or without beans.

'Vegged-Out' Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup'Vegged-Out' Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup

Pumpkin blends in with the vegetables, black beans and broth to add extra nutrition and delicious flavor for a nourishing dish the entire family will enjoy.

Greek Chicken-Lemon SoupGreek Chicken-Lemon Soup

A delicious rendition of the Greek pastel yellow, citrus-scented soup called avgolemono.

Easy Hamburger Vegetable SoupEasy Hamburger Vegetable Soup

Economical, quick and easy, this wholesome and delicious soup is a satisfying meal in a bowl. Serve with hot cornbread or crusty bread rolls to round out the meal.

Soup, Stew & Chili Recipe Collections:

  • Bisque, Cream, & Puréed Soups
  • Broth, Stock & Soup Mixes
  • Chili Recipes
  • Chilled Soups
  • Chowders, Gumbos & Stews
  • Hot & Hearty Soups