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Recipes for Bars, Brownies & Blondies

Versatile bars, brownies and blondies make easy desserts that are ideal for parties, potlucks, picnics, lunchbox treats and afternoon snacks.

Deliciously Rich Chocolate BrowniesRecipe: Deliciously Rich Chocolate Brownies

Easily the perfect brownie recipe. This decadent brownie is second to none with a moist, fudgy taste guaranteed to please any chocolate lover.

Raspberry Magic BarsRecipe: Raspberry Magic Bars

These delicious raspberry bars are so easy to make it's almost magic.

Peanutty Pina Colada BarsRecipe: Peanutty Pina Colada Bars

These scrumptious bars combine the flavor of pineapple and coconut with white chocolate chips. This wonderful recipe was created by Jennifer Sweigert.

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