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Recipes for Fish & Seafood

Looking for new ways to serve fish and seafood? You'll find some great ideas here.

Select and explore our fish and seafood recipe collections below the featured recipes:

Crisp Skin Snapper with PolentaRecipe: Crisp Skin Snapper with Polenta

Try this Southwestern style dish for a special meal. To reduce the fat, substitute milk for the whipping cream. Recipe by Chef Rusty Penno.

Fettuccine with Smoked Salmon, Peas and PecansRecipe: Fettuccine with Smoked Salmon, Peas and Pecans

For a special touch, add a sprinkling of chopped parsley when serving this dish to brighten the rich taste of pecans and smoked salmon.

Seared Florida Snapper with Fennel and Carrot SautéRecipe: Seared Florida Snapper with Fennel and Carrot Sauté

Recipe courtesy of Florida Agriculture Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture.

Fish & Seafood Recipes by Ingredient:

Catfish Recipes Catfish
Clam Recipes Clams
Cod Fish Recipes Codfish
Crab Recipes Crab
Grouper Fish Recipes Grouper
Halibut Recipes Halibut
Lobster Recipes Lobster
Mahi-Mahi Fish Recipes Mahi-Mahi
Mullet Fish Recipes Mullet
Oyster Recipes Oysters
Salmon Recipes Salmon
Scallops Seafood Recipes Scallops
Shellfish Seafood Recipes Shellfish
Shrimp Recipes Shrimp
Smoked Fish Recipes Smoked Fish
Red Snapper Fish Recipes Snapper
Swordfish Recipes Swordfish
Trout Recipes Trout
Tuna Fish Recipes Tuna
White Fish Recipes White Fish Recipes

Fish & Seafood Recipes by Cooking Method & Type:

Baked & Roasted Fish & Seafood Recipes Baked & Roasted
Braised, Pan-Roasted & Simmered Fish & Seafood Recipes Braised & Simmered
Broiled Fish & Seafood Recipes Broiled
Fish & Seafood Casserole Recipes Casseroles
Deep-Fried & Oven-Fried Fish & Seafood Recipes Deep-Fried & Oven-Fried
Fish & Seafood Cake Recipes Fish & Seafood Cakes
Grilled Fish & Seafood Recipes Grilled Fish & Seafood
Fish & Seafood Kabob Recipes Kabobs
Pan-Fried, Pan-Seared & Sautéed Fish & Seafood Recipes Pan-Fried & Sautéed
Poached & Steamed Fish & Seafood Recipes Poached & Steamed
Fish & Seafood with Pasta Recipes Seafood Pasta Dishes
Fish & Seafood Pot Pie & Pizza Recipes Seafood Pies & Pizzas
Fish & Seafood Skillet Meal Recipes Skillet Meals
Fish & Seafood Stir-Fry Recipes Stir-Fry Dishes
Fish & Seafood Taco Recipes Fish & Seafood Tacos