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Recipes for Fish & Seafood

Looking for new ways to serve fish and seafood? You'll find some great ideas here.

Select and explore our fish and seafood recipe collections below the featured recipes:

Crisp Skin Snapper with PolentaRecipe: Crisp Skin Snapper with Polenta

Try this Southwestern style dish for a special meal. To reduce the fat, substitute milk for the whipping cream. Recipe by Chef Rusty Penno.

Cornmeal-Crusted Fish and Zucchini ChipsRecipe: Cornmeal-Crusted Fish and Zucchini Chips

Get the crisp deliciousness of classic fish and chips without the heaviness and fat from frying.

Grilled Salmon Tacos with Grape Pico de GalloRecipe: Grilled Salmon Tacos with Grape Pico de Gallo

This mouthwatering recipe was created by Patricia Bannan, a registered dietitian specializing in nutrition and health communications.

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