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Healthier Recipes Collection

Diabetic Recipes

Being on a restricted diet doesn't always mean you can't enjoy your favorite foods!

A collection of diabetic-friendly recipes for sugar and carb-restricted diets. Find recipes for a variety of appetizers and snacks, beverages, breads, muffins, sweet buns, cookies, brownies, scrumptious desserts, pies, salads and salad dressings, sauces, condiments, soups and stews, side dishes and hearty entrées — including a special category of recipes created by well-known professional chefs.

Salmon Pinwheel SaladSalmon Pinwheel Salad

Diners will marvel at these charming pinwheels -- they look like they require more effort than they actually do.

Lemon-Orange Walnut BreadLemon-Orange Walnut Bread

You'll love this fragrant and delightful combination of lemon and orange that's perfect with tea.

Mango Mojito PieMango Mojito Pie

This cool pie is a takeoff on the popular Cuban drink that combines the flavors of lime and rum. Don’t forget to make it authentic by garnishing with a sprig of fresh mint.

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  • Beverages
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  • Cookies & Bars
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