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Recipes for Appetizer & Snacks

Perfect for party-time snacking and anytime noshing!

Select and explore our appetizer and snack recipe collections below the featured recipes:

Brie and Bacon in PastryRecipe: Brie and Bacon in Pastry

Both the height of elegance and simplicity, this rich and savory appetizer is perfect for a small crowd.

Smokey Cola Glazed MeatballsRecipe: Smokey Cola Glazed Meatballs

Try this super simple turkey meatball recipe - perfect for serving at your game day party...or any festive gathering.

Orange Jalapeño Chicken Party PinwheelsRecipe: Orange Jalapeño Chicken Party Pinwheels

Served with a refreshing grapefruit salsa, these zesty pinwheels are sure to delight your guests.

Recipes by Type:

Cold Appetizer Recipes Appetizers - Cold
Hot Appetizer Recipes Appetizers - Hot
Bruschetta & Crostini Recipes Bruschetta
Cold Appetizer Dip Recipes Dips - Cold
Hot Appetizer Dip Recipes Dips - Hot
Appetizer & Dessert Fondue Recipes Fondue
Fritters, Puffs & More Stuff Recipes Fritters, Puffs & Stuff
Meatball Appetizer Recipes Meatballs
Party Sandwich Recipes Party Sandwiches
Pinwheel & Roll-Up Appetizer Recipes Pinwheels & Roll-Ups
Quiche & Tart Appetizer Recipes Quiche & Tarts
Salsa Appetizer Recipes Salsa Recipes
Snack Mix Recipes Snack Mixes
Appetizer Spread & Pâté Recipes Spreads & Pâtés
Sweet & Savory Snack Recipes Sweet & Savory Snacks

Recipes by Ingredient & Type:

Brie Cheese Appetizer Recipes Brie Cheese Appetizers
Cheese Ball & Log Recipes Cheese Balls & Logs
Hot Wing & Drummette Recipes Chicken Wings & More
Deviled & Stuffed Egg Recipes Deviled Eggs
Nut & Seed Snack Recipes Nut & Seed Recipes
Popcorn Recipes Popcorn Recipes
Pumpkin Appetizer Recipes Pumpkin Appetizers