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Recipes for Beverages & Drinks

It's a nice, hospitable custom to offer guests something to drink ...and even nicer when it tastes great!

Select and explore our beverage and drink recipe collections below the featured recipes:

Apple FrappéRecipe: Apple Frappé

This rich and creamy spirited apple drink simply smacks of the traditional flavors of fall and winter. If desired, serve in hollowed-out "apple cups" for a festive presentation!

Pick-Me-Up Pumpkin LatteRecipe: Pick-Me-Up Pumpkin Latté

Enjoy this coffeehouse-style drink anytime. Pumpkin melts right into the coffee and adds body and natural flavor.

Holiday Celebration PunchRecipe: Holiday Celebration Punch

This spirited punch is a great choice for fall and winter holiday parties.

Beverage & Drink Recipes by Type:

Beverage Syrup & Mixes-In-a-Jar Recipes Beverage Syrups & Mixes In a Jar
Chocolate Beverage & Drink Recipes Chocolate Beverages
Coffee Beverage & Drink Recipes Coffee Beverages
Dairy Beverage & Drink Recipes Dairy Beverages
Eggnog Recipes Eggnog Recipes
Fruit Beverage & Drink Recipes Fruit Beverages
Hot Cider Beverage & Drink Recipes Hot Cider Beverages
Milkshakes, Shakes & Slushy Recipes Milkshakes, Shakes & Slushies
Mixed Drink & Liqueur Recipes Mixed Drinks & Liqueurs
Party & Holiday Punch Recipes Party & Holiday Punch Recipes
Smoothie Recipes Smoothies
Tea Beverage & Drink Recipes Tea Beverages & Drinks

Specialty Beverage & Drink Recipes:

Diabetic-Friendly Beverage Recipes Diabetic-Friendly Beverages
Family Favorite Beverage Recipes Family-Favorite Beverages
Healthier Beverage Recipes Healthier Beverage Choices
Pumpkin Beverage Recipes Pumpkin Beverages

World Cuisine Beverage & Drink Recipes:

Asian Beverage Recipes Asian, Middle Eastern & North African
Italian Beverage Recipes Italian & Mediterranean
Mexican Beverage Recipes Mexican & Southwestern